Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Simple Joy: Celebrating May Day

Yesterday we offered a May Basket to all our customers (with a Crazy 4-Hour Sale) "tucked" in the basket.  I wonder if anyone else still carries on with the tradition of May Baskets?

I have always loved May Day, and in my neighborhood, we still exchange May Baskets.   We made May Baskets when I was growing up and  the rules were quite simple.  You created a small basket out of paper, and added a few pieces of candy and a little bunch of flowers. 

Then you had to hang the baskets on the recipient's doorknob, ring the doorbell and quickly run and hide, since if the recipient saw you they could kiss you.

Yesterday after work, I rushed home and helped my daughter Maya put together our May Baskets. We were in a time crunch so we just used colorful little paper cups and blue ribbon with Smarties and sprigs of Lilac tucked in. Maya and the neighborhood kids raced all over the neighborhood delivering them and no one, I believe, got caught. 

I love sitting on the front porch watching the kids dash around the neighborhood - lurking behind bushes and cars while they wait for the baskets to be found.   How simple a delight and how unforgettable. 

If you don't already celebrate May Day, maybe it's time to start a new tradition! Next May Day, make May Baskets and deliver them - but better be quick or you might get kissed!

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